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(19th century) a man's high tasseled boot

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The addition of slapstick comedy skit in particular about the Apartheid-era origins of the Gumboot dance pleased the crowd on occasion but generally diluted the rapture of an otherwise talented and engaging performance.
An SFX Back Row and Columbia Artists Theatricals presentation of a musical revue in one act written, conceived and choreographed by Rishile Gumboot Dancers of Soweto and Zenzi Mbuli.
A 52-minute documentary about the history of gumboot dancing and how the 10-member cast was chosen is included on the home video release.
The show includes the famous gumboot dances, showcasing the traditional style and rituals of southern African mining regions.
The two other projects highlighted were the European festival of university theatre of Albi' (France) and the Gumboot diplomacy' project (Germany).
Performers include traditional African gumboot dancers, Peruvian band APU, the Ukulele All-star Orchestra, Antonio Lulic, and the awardwinning dancers Bad Taste Cru.
But their performances are tinged with other styles as well, including hip hop and South African gumboot dancing.
They sing pure and intricate harmonies and their set also includes Irish soft and hard shoe dance routines plus dance traditions from across Canada and even the African gumboot dance.
The formation of the Thabisong Youth Club in Soweto in 1974 was intended to teach traditional tribal dances - including gumboot dancing - to area youth.
Motion Works and Gumboot Productions join forces to create this exploration title inspired by the mysteries and natural wonders of our planet.
There will be gumboot dancing, worm-charming, welliewhanging, bushcraft sessions and plenty of splashing about in puddles on this specially-themed day.
Five-piece harmony group from Zimbabwe offers an infectious blend of a cappella singing and gumboot dance.
Apparently, in these flood-ridden days, sensible folk up north are grateful for any old gumboot that keeps the water out.
Its cast of 12 members will introduce Americans to gumboot dancing, which originated in the mines of South Africa.