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Synonyms for Gujarati

a member of the people of Gujarat


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the Indic language spoken by the people of India who live in Gujarat in western India

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Questionnaires were available in English, Punjabi, and Gujurati so as to facilitate responses from the large Asian community.
(10) Further descriptions are available in most econometrics texts, for example, Gujurati (1995).
(1971-3) `Ethnicity in Britain: The Gujurati Tradition', New Community 1(1-2): 1-11.
In Britain, thousands of Gujurati immigrants were yesterday anxiously seeking news of relatives caught in the disaster.
Again the change point is not known a priori, which complicates significance testing, whether a Chow test (Chow, 1960; Gujurati, 1978 pp.
Shirdi had a few shops managed by Gujurati, Marwari and Kutchi merchants.
The Gujurati Mixed Veg Saak at Mangla's Spice of Life Relatively new to the Cardiff curry scene, Mangla's opened after its owner became famous in Canton for selling her delicious veggie treats at her corner shop.
Punjabi, Gujurati and Urdu were offered to all pupils on top of the traditional French and Spanish.
He meets Gujurati chef Amita Mashru, the owner of a popular Leicester curry house, while in Evesham, he meets Billy Byrd and hears how his family has grown asparagus for generations.
If you want to pursue the play's impact on popular culture further, other references (from The Simpsons to the Gujurati adaptation Santu Rangeeli) can be found on the Wikipedia page
Excerpts from Behind the Curtain (NEPATHYE): Shri Balavant Parekh Felicitation Volume, First Gujurati Edition March 1999, English Edition March 2005.
Consequently, Britain is seeing the emergence of specialist regional cuisines - Keralan, Gujurati and Goan restaurants are now common in bigger towns - and it is clear the Brits are still in love with curry.