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Synonyms for wire

Synonyms for wire

ligament made of metal and used to fasten things or make cages or fences etc

the finishing line on a racetrack

a message transmitted by telegraph

provide with electrical circuits

send cables, wires, or telegrams

fasten with wire

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string on a wire

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equip for use with electricity


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First, the guide wire is inserted via flexible cystoscope up to the ureteric obstruction or kink.
Those are: (i) guide wire shadow detection, (ii) plaque boundary detection by using the new modified level set method, and (iii) inference of plaque boundary in the guide wire shadow region by using the T-S fuzzy model.
1) The safe application and utility of balloon technology using a lighted guide wire in the frontal sinus has been well documented.
3] Other described methods include using the modified Kuntscher reaming guide; Ender's nail; hand reamer; femoral head cork screw extractor; smaller nail impaction; grasping device, such as forceps; or multiple guide wires wedged into the nail cavity.
Guide wire and OTW balloon were removed together prior to NOTES experiment.
Ability to carry multiple guide wires on a single catheter, which can be used for several purposes, including to guide a second catheter to a branched or bifurcated section of an artery for a second stent or stent segment deployment,
Dr Halliwell replied: ``I think there was a lot of natural disease there but he would not have died at the time he did if the guide wire had not been retained in the cavity.
The guide wire should have been removed, leaving the cannula inside the body.
With the extended agreement, MedAmicus will have the opportunity to market Med-Design's technology to companies specializing in angioplasty, angiography, stent placement, and other arterially performed procedures using guide wire access.
based in Japan, to market its peripheral guide wire line in the United States.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Cath Lab Consumables on Rate Contract basis for Dept of Cardiology at BMCRI- Super Speciality Hospital, Bengaluru- Puncture Needle 22 G, 3 way stop cock, 2 way stop cock, Short sheath with valve (Pediatrics)3F, Pressure Monitoring Tubing 50cms, Peel away sheath lead Introducer Kit 7F, Spring guide wire 0.
The most common known complication of a guide wire is cardiac arrhythmias.
With the aid of a fluoroscopic C-arm (figure, C), a sinus guide wire is inserted through the sinus guide cannula into the sinus ostium (figure, D and E).
Telesso's uniquely-designed guide wire-assisted peripheral IV catheter device uses a first-in-class retractable nitinol guide wire system that is believed to enable easier IV access, reduce common safety risks, significantly lessen patient pain and discomfort, and provide cost savings to facilities by lowering administrative costs associated with failed IV starts.
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