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a Channel Island to the northwest of Jersey

breed of dairy cattle from the island of Guernsey

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We started a new day by exploring the capital, getting lost among the delicate cobbled lanes around a quirky town centre and looking at historic paintings at the Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery, (www.
In addition, the vast majority of attendees also joined the networking reception, which provided the Guernsey practitioners with a great opportunity to either establish or reinforce relationships with some of these key members of the London film community.
Today, Malaysia take on Botswana, Singapore face Bahrain and Guernsey play Norway.
The island's history is reflected in its architecture - street after street of magnificent Georgian and Victorian buildings - a reminder of the days when Guernsey was an important trading centre and provided a refuge for wealthy French residents fleeing the revolution.
Guernsey also plays host to many other types of fund, from the traditional to alternatives, such as private equity and fund of hedge funds, and more esoteric asset classes such as fine wine, fine art and timber.
Boat and shore titles will be held by Guernsey anglers when the claim is ratified by the British Record Fish Committee.
Guernsey is a quieter, more creamtea sort of island.
Ian Ferbrache, Guernsey Dairy Chief Engineer, said: "Whilst the Dairy is a state owned and run operation it is expected to operate in as commercial way as possible, therefore gains in efficiency of the production process is just as important as in truly commercial operations.
April 24-25 - Condor Ferries Honda F4SA Guernsey powerboat Grand Prix
The author, Julia Carolyn Guernsey, has an ear fine enough to pick up the extraordinary subtlety of Herbert's prosodic effects: indeed I cannot recall a study of this poet that makes that prosody so persuasively central a feature of its argument.
The Channel Islands comprise the islands of Jersey and Guernsey, well known for their two unique breeds of cattle, which bear the islands' names, their fine agriculture and horticulture produce, and beautiful scenery.
Julia Carolyn Guernsey, The Pulse of Praise: Form as Second Self in the Poetry of George Herbert
LOCAL enthusiasts who hope to revive racing in Guernsey this summer, after a lapse of five or six years, are finding the problems greater than expected.
Guernsey has 20 protected-cell companies with 90 cells.