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the capital and largest city of Guatemala

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The accident happened in Chimaltenango province, 60 kilometres west of Guatemala City.
Pacaya's last eruption was in May 2010 which claimed the life of a TV journalist and caused thousands of residents to flee their homes and closed the Guatemala City airport for five days.
Guatemala will not open an embassy in Ramallah or allow a Palestinian embassy in Guatemala City, he said.
The new flights complement United's existing service to Guatemala City and San Jose from the airline's hubs in New York and Houston.
Drawing upon anthropological studies of Guatemala City conducted by Manuela Camus and Santiago Bastos, Way describes how modern Guatemala was shaped as much by notions of race as by ago-export.
Hayat also discussed the upcoming visit by Guatemala City Foreign Minister to Kuwait, after an official invitation by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, amid efforts to participate in the inauguration of Guatemala Embassy in Kuwait and bilateral relations.
The millionaire attempted an emergency landing, but the aircraft crashed into a park in Guatemala City.
Castaneda: I have stayed in nearby Antigua, 45 minutes outside Guatemala City, and these would be my recommendations, listed from high-end to least expensive, but comfortable: Casa Santo Domingo, Hotel Antigua, Posada de Don Rodrigo, Hotel Casa del Parque.
With the win, Guatemala City (3-0) won Pool A and will play the Pool B runner-up at 11:30 a.
In 2010, an explosion at the Pacaya volcano a similar distance from Guatemala City coated the capital in a thick layer of black ash and rock, forcing hundreds of families to evacuate.
In the first film, Angie Dymott, right, a paramedic from Cardiff, arrives in Guatemala City, which has one of the highest murder rates in the world.
Angie Dymott spent two gruelling weeks swapping the streets of Cardiff to work with bomberos, who carry out paramedic and fire fighting duties in Guatemala City.
Firefighter Carlos Hernandez told a local radio station Monday that someone tossed a fire bomb at the bus in the capital, Guatemala City.
GUATEMALA CITY -- An eruption of the Pacaya volcano, the most visited of Guatemala's eight active craters for its spectacular lava flows, blanketed parts of the capital in ash the day before the storm began setting off floods and landslides.
Ramírez was born in Nueva Concepción, in the eastern department of Escuintla, and moved to Guatemala City to live closer to his sister.