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The group of Cnsules and Vice-Consul of Guatemala in the Nordic and Baltic region is very dynamic and with high expectations, especially in the commercial and cultural promotion of Guatemala.
Market size and growth prospects of Guatemala personal accident and health insurance market by category
Guatemala continues to face major challenges to successful development, including poverty, malnutrition, and vulnerability to economic fluctuations and natural disasters.
Pacaya's last eruption was in May 2010 which claimed the life of a TV journalist and caused thousands of residents to flee their homes and closed the Guatemala City airport for five days.
He was speaking in a workshop, held on sidelines of a 2013 Guatemala Investment Summit, over KFAED's role.
El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo contribuir con nuevos registros de nifalidos a la fauna lepidopterologica de Guatemala.
According to the 2011 UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) homicide report, Guatemala had the eighth-highest murder rate in the world.
In Guatemala City, though, people fled buildings into the streets, causing traffic chaos.
To this end, Kinzer includes the detailed scheming of multinationals-United Fruit in Guatemala, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company in Iran, and ITT in Chile--to oust governments inimical to their interests.
Entomological studies at an enzootic Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus focus in Guatemala, 1977-1980.
Abadio-Carrillo's father has been in jail in Guatemala since last year on embezzlement charges.
PCS Digital Guatemala has been using Tecnomen's Prepaid System in CDMA, GSM and also for Telgua fixed networks since 2003.
To take just one example, in the past six years, Guatemala has attracted more than 50 in-house call centers and international contact centers from operators like ACS-BPS, which serves the North American, Mexican, Central American and Guatemalan markets.
Any coffee aficionado knows Guatemala is one of the world headquarters for flavorful, nuanced beans.
Tikal Jets has inaugurated the first nonstop service between Guatemala and Cuba using DC-9 aircraft, reports the newspaper Siglo 21.