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The mean score of bank in Guatamala (number 2) is significantly smaller than 4 and 7 (small business in Mexico and retail in Honduras).
(1) toponym adjective female demonym brazilie 'brazil' brazili-aans braziliaans-e peru 'peru' peru-viaans peruviaans-e guatamala 'guatamala' guatamal-teeks guatalmateeks-e Whatever 'exotic' allomorphy the adjective takes, it is 'copied' in the form of the female demonym.
The conference is being promoted on a regional basis among Indigenous groups and organizations in Treaty 6, 7, and 8, as well as the Arctic, Mexico, and Guatamala.
Effect of reduction in household air pollution in childhood pneumonia in Guatamala: A randomized controlled trial.
They are Issa Hayatou (Cameroon), Angel Maria Villar Llona (Spain), Michael D'Hooghe (Belgium), Senes Erzik (Turkey), Worawi Makudi (Thailand), Rafael Salguero (Guatamala), Marios Lefkaritis, Jacques Anouma (Ivory Coast), Harry Abo Rida (Egypt) and Vitaly Mutko (Russia).
"I think there were about 17 different countries represented at that first gathering," said Lix Lopez, a Mayan who came from Guatamala to work for Smallface-Marule between 1979 and 1984.
Mexico) Liquid Ajax, Ontario, CA Guarulhos, BR Coatings Fort Madison, Guatamala City, GT Iowa, US Ocouoacac, MX Front Royal, Tlalnepantla, MX Virginia, US Valencia, VZ Mt.
In the last few years, Sanchez SA de CV has opened subsidiaries in El Salvador (Sanchez Centroamerica), Guatamala (Tintas Sanchez Guatemala SA) and Costa Rica.
According to one study, 5% of development aid to Rwanda and Guatamala between 1995 and 2005 was dedicated to supporting transitional justice projects.
Carlos Batzin, Minister of Culture and Sports in Guatamala, Andrew Carrier, member of the Board of Indigenous Leadership Development, Albin Ilovu, Chairperson of the Indigenous People's Business Forum, Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon.
GUATAMALA (TAP) - Former military leader Efrain Rios Montt has been found guilty by a court in Guatemala over genocide and crimes against humanity.
(8) These records pile on: the sixty-three pages on Germany are followed by Greece, Guatamala, Hayti [VW's spelling], Holland and Italy, which takes these notes, counting only those in Virginia Woolf's own hand, to 391 sides.
The sucker family, Catostomidae, is a species-rich group widely distributed throughout North America, from northern Alaska to Guatamala, although a few species are found in the Arctic Circle, Mexico, China, and Siberia (Berra, 2007).
This is an important footnote, as "Latinos/Hispanics" are not a monolithic group and could refer to people from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guatamala, Mexico and other countries and territories; they could be foreign-born or US-born; they could be Spanish-speaking, English-speaking, bilingual or speak an indigenous dialect; they could be of indigenous, African, Asian or European ancestry.