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Deputy Commissioner awarded shields to headmaster and teachers of the school and medals to guard of honour contingent.
'The guard of honour in the military and the police, performed in full ceremonial dress, is usually performed as a mark of respect for the royalties, prime minister, deputy prime minister, defence minister, and the generals.
The outgoing president inspected the guard of honour. After receiving the guard of honour, he shook hands with the President House staffers and then departed from the presidency on Saturday evening.
National anthems for the two countries were played as the two leaders prepared to inspect the guard of honour.
The Band of the Coldstream Guards and the Band of the Grenadier Guards played the US national anthem when Mr Trump and his wife first arrived, and the guard of honour gave a royal salute.
A guard of honour was also presented to the martyred.
"My Chelsea players made me a guard of honour on the pitch before, it was good.
A guard of honour was lined up in honor of the distinguished guest on the square, decorated with the national flags of Azerbaijan and Turkey.
Players from a number of different age groups took part in the player walkout, guard of honour, half-time penalties and they were also the official ballboys and girls.
PHIL NEVILLE said he was humbled by being given a guard of honour after Everton's victory over West Ham.
ROBIN VAN PERSIE could receive a guard of honour when he returns to Arsenal later this month.
A group of policemen gave guard of honour to the elephant carrying the idol of the presiding deity and other two accompanying elephants, which is a custom at this temple.
Speaking to the Daily Post from his army base in Hounslow yesterday, Stewart part of guard Stewart said: "It's not every day you get the chance to be Guard of Honour at the wedding of the future king.
A GUARD of honour helped pay the ultimate tribute to one of South Wales' top community entertainers Dai Curtis.