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the basic unit of money in Paraguay

a member of the South American people living in Paraguay and Bolivia

the language spoken by the Guarani of Paraguay and Bolivia

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2003 <<The emergence of political organizations among the Guarani Indians of Bolivia and Argentina: a comparative perspective>>.
5) These Jesuit missions served as bases for converting the Guarani Indians as well as community centers where religious meetings, schooling for the indigenous population, trade, and commerce all occurred.
The film depicted the historic accomplishments of Jesuit missionaries between 1587 and 1768 among the Guarani Indians along the border of Paraguay and Brazil above Iguacu Falls.
For example, in "A Dictionary of Colors," Galeano discusses the Guarani Indians who live on the banks of the Paraguay River and how feathers from birds have the power to change moods and emotions.
Vincent to the Guarani Indians of the Amazon to leaders of the Japanese healing tradition of Seiki Jutsu.
Like Children under Wise Parental Sway: Passive Portrayals of the Guarani Indians in European Literature and The Mission.
Yerba mate has ancient origins--it was used for medicinal and cultural purposes by the Guarani Indians of South America.
Based on historical events from the 1700s and set in Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina, the film was simultaneously moving and inspiring, yet also a disturbing presentation of how the Guarani Indians found themselves at the epicenter of a geo-political, religious conflict between the Crown of Portugal, Spain, and the missionary Jesuits.