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Synonyms for regeneration

a fundamental change in one's beliefs

Synonyms for regeneration

(biology) growth anew of lost tissue or destroyed parts or organs

feedback in phase with (augmenting) the input

the activity of spiritual or physical renewal

forming again (especially with improvements or removal of defects)


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Southeastern and GTR have the same parent company, Govia, but the former was one of several operators offering compensation to season ticket holders who did not travel on Thursday.
It is to GTR's credit that they pleaded guilty to the offence and spared the family the pain of a protracted court case.
A year ago, GTR and other train companies faced passenger fury after a new timetable rollout led to widescale disruption, with operators not having enough drivers to complete the new journeys.
Featuring a McLaren P1 GTR, a McLaren P1 and road-going McLaren Senna alongside the new GTR, the track parade will also include the famous XP5 McLaren F1 prototype.
The additional flight will be in the early afternoon, giving GTR passengers choices for their travel throughout the day.
Talking to a group of Islamabad-based journalists, GTR Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Hussain Kuli Khan said the company's board has approved the investment in the SEZ being established under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
GTR is the largest automotive tyre manufacturer in the country producing range of tyres for cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks/buses, tractors, CNG rickshaw and motorcycle tyre.'
In conjunction with the news, McLaren unveiled a restored 1997 F1 GTR Longtail, overhauled by the automaker's Special Operations team and marking the first F1 certified car.
- Easy access to 152 user I/O pins, 26 processing system (PS) MIO pins, four high-speed PS-GTR transceivers along with four GTR reference clock inputs and 16 programmable logic (PL) high-speed GTH transceivers, and 16 programmable logic (PL) high-speed GTH transceivers
GTR, which runs Great Northern, Southern, Gatwick Express and Thameslink services, said the switch would make services more reliable.
The average rate of gross total resection (GTR) for malignant gliomas (MGs) is reported to be around 36%.
According to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and the Ministry of Personnel Management, the government decided to end its Government Transportation Request (GTR) system after using it for 40 years.
He accepted people would find that "hard to understand", amid mass cancellations and delays on Northern and Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR).