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a protein that is involved in cell differentiation and growth

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By activating signaling pathways, growth factors increase cellular and extracellular activity to nourish, rebuild, and remodel the extracellular matrix--the structural framework responsible for skin cohesion, firmness, and elasticity.
However, these recombinant growth factors can be extremely expensive and, perhaps more importantly, lack sufficient biological activity.
This suggests that MANF spreads more readily in brain tissue than other known growth factors.
TNS Recovery Complex, manufactured by Skin Medica, contains growth factors produced by fibroblast cells, which also make collagen and hyaluronic acid.
Sometimes androgen receptors are bypassed completely, and cell growth is activated by other naturally occurring compounds including insulin-like growth factor-1, epidermal growth factor, and others.
Following the formation of these bodies, the cell population was enriched with specific growth factors to form progenitor cells that expressed genes indicative of the developing inner ear.
Tissue engineers can selectively place different growth factors in different parts of a polymer scaffold, for example, to push a population of stem cells to form multiple layers of different tissue types.
Gastrin also stimulates the secretion and expression of other important growth factors and receptors within and on the surfaces of the cancer cells involved in tumor growth.
We conducted a leg ulcer study with fibroblast growth factors last year, applying them directly into the ulcers.
In some cases, angiogenic growth factors--such as endothelial growth factor, tissue growth factors alpha and particularly beta, vascular endothelial growth factor, and prostaglandin-derived growth factor--incite capillary budding, vascular hyperpermeability, and fibroblast recruitment.
Chiron Corporation (Emeryville, CA) has patented purified compounds comprising truncated insulin-like growth factor binding protein capable of binding to an antibody specific for the compound or to an insulin-like growth factor wherein the truncated insulin-like growth factor binding protein has a decreased affinity for insulin-like growth factors.
The BST-GEL family of gels is an attractive technology in the delivery of growth factors and genes to accelerate the repair of fresh bone fractures.
But developing an efficient and economical way to administer those chemicals -called growth factors -- in low, sustained doses proved difficult.