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Synonyms for growth

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Synonyms for growth

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Synonyms for growth

(biology) the process of an individual organism growing organically

a progression from simpler to more complex forms

vegetation that has grown

the gradual beginning or coming forth

Related Words

(pathology) an abnormal proliferation of tissue (as in a tumor)

something grown or growing

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The less-robust gains seen in the children with genetically influenced growth disorders "wasn't unexpected" and is in line with what has been observed in a number of clinical trials, the investigators said.
In the group of 29 peers studying at the basic vocational level, growth disorders were observed in over 13% of them coming from a village.
Due to malnutrition children have growth disorders, overweight or underweight problems in their first 5 years of life, she said.
In parallel, Novo Nordisk has applied the skills it has built within diabetes on developing biopharmaceutical products for treatment of hemophilia, growth disorders and women's health.
If the hormone has limited risk in juveniles treated for growth disorders, its risk in adults should not be higher.
9 -- HOPE Children's Hospital today announced the launch of their Child Growth Centre, an area which is customized and completely devoted to provide maximum healthcare support to children with Growth Disorders. The initiative aims at increasing awareness about Growth & Growth Related Disorders and proving holistic treatment to children.
Dr Mahmoud Al Shazli, a consultant psychologist, said: "Subtle growth disorders or delays, whether in sight, hearing, mental abilities or adaptive behaviour may not be noticeable by parents.
IDS currently provides testing kits for hypertension, bone testing and growth disorders, and is one of the major testers for Vitamin D in the world.
Growth hormone is used clinically to treat children's growth disorders. But the poor financial condition of the family has forced them to wait for help from NGOs and generous people.
If you are older but feel your bite is changing, this would be a reason to visit your GP as some growth disorders need medical treatment.
Guidelines for Using Growth Hormone in Paediatric Patients in South Africa: Treatment of Growth Hormone Deficiency and Other Growth Disorders. S Afr Med J 2009; 99: 185-195.
Paediatric endocrinology deals with endocrine-related conditions in children, including type1 and type2 diabetes, growth disorders, obesity, thyroid, adrenal and pituitary gland disorders, problems of puberty, hypoglycaemia, calcium and metabolic bone disease, sexual ambiguity and menstrual disorders, endocrine tumours and other conditions related to hormones.
Detecting these conditions early can prevent babies developing growth disorders, mental problems and disabilities.
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