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Synonyms for growth

Synonyms for growth

Synonyms for growth

(biology) the process of an individual organism growing organically

a progression from simpler to more complex forms

vegetation that has grown

the gradual beginning or coming forth

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(pathology) an abnormal proliferation of tissue (as in a tumor)

something grown or growing

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2012) Assembly of a new growth cone after axotomy: the precursor to axon regeneration.
The regulation of neurite outgrowth, growth cone motility, and electrical synaptogenesis by serotonin.
Regulation of membrane expansion at the nerve growth cone.
When the factors in CM are presented as a concentration gradient to growth cones of adult frog and rat sensory and motor neurons in vivo, the growth cones "read" the direction of the concentration gradient of factors.
As the growth cone moves through the environment, receptors on its filopodial structure allow maximum contact with the specific guidance signals, located within the extracellular matrix or the surface of nearby axons (Goldberg & Burmeister, 1989).
Bryan argued that his reserve growth cones, reproduced as Chart 3, allowed the FOMC to track the behavior of reserves relative to the path stated in the directive.
If microtubule structure is experimentally destabilized in a growth cone, it becomes more like a refraction bulb, and, as a consequence, axonal growth stops.
Between the fourth quarter of last year and June of this year, M3 expanded at an annual rate of about 6 percent, putting it at the upper boundary of its annual growth cone.
Recent studies have suggested that growth cone motility is Apr2/3 complex-independent and Ena/VASP-dependent.
For the year, M2 advanced 1 1/2 percent, placing it a little above the lower bound of its 1 percent to 5 percent annual growth cone.
The award recognized the professors' contribution in the "demonstration that stimulation of the cyclic nucleotide signaling pathways can affect guidance molecules, the growth cone, and inhibition of axon regeneration in the injured spinal cord.
A specialized nerve growth cone makes up each appendage's leading edge.
The neuronal growth cone appears at the tip of dendrites and axons where it plays an important role in the navigation of dendritic and axonal growth.
Using genetic engineering, he and his colleagues created nematodes whose "touch" neurons make a special receptor protein on their growth cone surfaces.