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someone concerned with the science or art or business of cultivating the soil

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Apple growers in Michigan and New York were selected for study for these reasons:
One of the largest growers and processors of citrus products in the world, the company produces 25 million to 30 million boxes of oranges annually from more 100,000 acres in Brazil.
For instance, IRRI cites one recent Philippine survey that found 31 percent of rice farmers thought all insects are pests, and that 80 percent of surveyed growers spray pesticides when they see what they deem to be pests.
These factories, many of them owned by the growers themselves, come back to the same farmers year after year for sugar beets.
These results strike to the heart of what we've been telling growers and the agricultural industry - that MagnaVerno will increase profits by increasing crop yields and simultaneously dramatically reducing expenses," states Phil Berlin, CEO of Super Absorbent Company.
Convenience is what drives consultant Wes Briggs of Bainbridge, GA, to recommend the product to growers in his region.
But unsuspecting hikers could just as easily stumble into the illegal plantations, which often are located near roads or hiking trails so that growers can easily truck in water and supplies, Pasinato said.
Even despite such problems, few growers were prepared for the news that Colombia may need to import coffee soon to cover domestic consumption--probably in 2001.
SABI Mobile is an easy-to-use, easy-to-configure GPS wireless unit that puts the power of reporting in the hands of growers and stakeholders, who can then review, analyze, measure and map the data through use of GPS mapping, which utilizes ESRI's ARC IMS online Server.
MEISTER MEDIA WORLDWIDE: Timely production-focused insight, trends, news, and solutions growers need, coming from a balanced blend of expert editors, growers and researchers regularly sent to a fruit circulation of 34,000 and vegetable circulation of 27,000.
Ventura County growers saw a $42 million, or 4 percent, drop in earnings from crops last year, with nursery stock like plants, flowers and trees surpassing lemon revenues for the first time.
When flower growers from Latin America, particularly the hotbeds of Ecuador and Colombia, want to take their products to the market, they can either go through the hundred or so flower brokers in Miami -- and pay the corresponding fees -- or they can simply point and click.
Fourteen growers collectively controlling 80,000+ acres from California to Mexico have signed on to participate in the demonstration project offered to potential customers of Super Absorbent Company (www.
It was about fighting a common foe, and growers helping one another, half a world away.
Many of California's crops haven't come into season yet, and growers hope the labor dispute, entering its 11th day today, ends before their harvests.