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underground surface below which the ground is wholly saturated with water

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Karezes are just tunnels that emerge after intersecting with the groundwater table.
A water desalination unit with a capacity of 100,000m3/day will also be built; desalinated water will be brought to mining centres to preserve groundwater tables and boost farming activities.
An understanding of the depth to the groundwater table is also needed.
Severely dry years beginning in 2001 and a declining groundwater table, along with the political football that Big Water has become, make for a complex and difficult water supply situation in Western Australia.
The toxic leachate can quickly seep into groundwater table, contaminate the soil and enter the food chain, the department said, while highlighting the success of PCRC projects.
Water regulation in land of oil palm plantations is still dependent on natural conditions, so that the groundwater table varies in each area / location of the study (Figure 2).
Groundwater does not disappear, but in fact as more work is performed on mainline sewers and manholes, that groundwater moves to the path of least resistance back into the collection systems through lateral connections, annular spaces in relined mains and the first few joints of the lateral that lie below the groundwater table.
Today, the carbon dioxide sparging method used to lower ph levels in a shallow groundwater table under much of the site has worked very well and has essentially contained the spread of mercury, something that is being monitored closely and often, Morris said.
The report recommends Aquifer Recharge and Recovery as the optimal choice for the Middle East, taking into account the high evaporation rates, limited amount of rechargeable water resources and declining groundwater table.
He said that 1 million tub-wells were operational in the province, declining the groundwater table.
It is observed that in the very high and high groundwater potential zones, the groundwater table is reasonably flat with widely spaced groundwater contours.
The ECNEC approved Construction of 100 Delay Action Dams in Balochistan Package-I to increase level of groundwater table by constructing 20 delay action dams.
The council document tells how, following an assessment, that the agency concluded the area which does not have planning permission "has been excavated below the groundwater table, and that this has caused the sediment pollution at the spring".
The rising groundwater table in North Jeddah is becoming an issue that is posing threat to buildings in the Safa and Marwa districts.
Consequently, the groundwater table has fallen between 30 and 50 feet in different parts of Pakistan, and that too only in the past 15 to 20 years.
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