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underground surface below which the ground is wholly saturated with water

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Similarly, even if data collected have shown a strong connection between water pumping in the quarry and piezometerc measurements, no relation has been observed between the levels of the groundwater table in piezometers and rainfall; all values seem to be independent of each other and different from the value directly monitored in the drifts (SN1 = 214 m a.
However, increases in Lake Michigan will cause the regional groundwater table and other linked groundwater tables to rise, thus the actual elevation in the captured lake may not correspond with Lake Michigan's, but the relative changes should.
Simulated elevations of the groundwater table and heads were rechecked against field data until the difference between computed and measured values was [less than or equal to] 3.
But so far our groundwater monitoring shows that there has not been a significant change in the level of the groundwater table since impoundment.
Its annual safe yield is 55 MCM (GTZ, 1998), but the aquifer has been over-pumped at the rate of 110 MCM resulting in a lowering of the groundwater table below sea level and saline water intrusion in many areas.
It hops sticky-footed up my arm, then settles on my camera while the groundwater table is measured and sampled for electrical conductivity (salinity).
Irrigation infiltration that exceeds the soil's natural drainage capacity can cause a shallow groundwater table to rise.
Reclaimed water can indirectly be used for recharging aquifers and the groundwater table or improving the volume of water in the reservoir, says the analyst.
The survey will record data on the geology of the area, the depth of the groundwater table, salinity levels and boundaries of the groundwater system.
The ridge -- a series of low hills covered with dense scrub forests, key to checking fast depleting groundwater table and spiralling air pollution in the Capital -- is assumed to be spread in 7,784 hectares in southern, south-central, central and northern Delhi.
In landfills, the leaking toxins contaminate the soil and seep into the groundwater table, eventually entering the food chain through plant and animal products that people consume.
Rawalpindi -- Rain Harvesting Project has been started in the Arid Region of Rawalpindi to rehabilitate groundwater table in the areas which would be utilized for plantation and agricultural purposes.
5 m) where the groundwater table is normally depressed, so that groundwater continues to flow from the floodplains towards the islands throughout the year, i.
This is where most of the infiltration is found, as this part of the service lateral is subject to being below the groundwater table," he said.
As for the world practice, environmental problems and impacts are the same as in Estonia concerning problems with reducing groundwater table and estimating sources of water inflow into working mines [1, 3-5].
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