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the largest island in the world

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The social dynamics of alcohol dependence have received significant research attention (Udvalget for Samfundsforskning i Gronland, 1960; Wagner Sorensen, 1999).
Greenland is named Gronland. Lisbon Portugal Cape Verde On the coast of NW Africa.
In the same vein, Gronland (2010), UTAUT is another offer from TAM which he condemns as patchwork on TAM with no integration and coordination with the model.
"Handselsstationen i Thule".Tidsskriftet Gronland, Vol.
| Tenant Lydia Baptiste with Sharon Gronland, customer services advisor at First Choice
(In Danish with an English summary: Wolves at Danmarkshavn).--Tidsskriftet Gronland 8: 252.
Flying the flag for Mike Vaughan Cycles, Clinton had it all to do when full-time Swedish rider Gunner Gronland knocked a huge 26 seconds off that record on the first climb at Guise Cliffe, near Pateley Bridge.
The manuscript's long history involves a Holstein music collector called Peter Gronland (1761-1825) who lived in Denmark and donated his collection to The Royal Library (Det Kongelige Bibliotek).
The influential Krautrock duo's four LPs, recorded between 1971 and 1986, were recently rereleased by Gronland Records in a five-disc vinyl box set.