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an African amulet

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Specialists in the occult are indiscriminately called marabouts or sorcerers but also Wak-man in Burkina Faso, and the objects they manufacture are variously known as amulets, grisgris, charms, or seben ("writing" in Dioula, the trade language of this part of West Africa) which consist of verses of the Qur'an sealed in leather pouches.
They used divinatory objects to foresee the future and they generally brought with them talismans known as grisgris.
When Negro Malo escapes from the Alcorta plantation clutching his grisgris to ward off frightening spirits, he is said to be participating in timeless black irrationality: "Abrieronse totalmente en el alma del negro los abismos de la supersticion milenaria" (347).
lt;< Les negres ont une telle confiance dans ces grisgris que j'en ai vu qui m'ont hardiment presente la poitrine sur le bout de mon fusil, en me disant de tirer, que cela ne leur ferait rien >> (Lamiral 1789 : 112).