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107 Ma [94, 120], followed by Griseliniaceae, which diverged from the rest of Apiales at c.
Regardless, exclusion of Pennantiaceae from the ingroup in the Lagrange analyses had no effect on interpretations in the rest of the tree, and the origin of Torricelliacea + Griseliniaceae + Apiineae remained Oriental + Australasia (EF).
Griseliniaceae. The monogeneric Griseliniaceae exhibits a South American-New Zealand disjunction, with a greater number of species in austral South America (5 spp.) than New Zealand (2 spp.).
A second scenario suggests that the common ancestor of Griseliniaceae originated in the landmass that included Australia + Zealandia, but diversified only on the part of Zealandia that is now New Zealand, or had a wider distribution and subsequently went extinct in Australia and other parts of Zealandia (e.g., New Caledonia).
A third scenario would involve assuming an origin of Griseliniaceae in South America, where five species of Griselinia are extant in Chile and Argentina (one of which also extends to southeastern Brazil).