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chiaroscuro painting or stained glass etc

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However, shape as given through perspective projection and colour are obviously relevant features in an assessment of the realism of most paintings (whereas colour is not relevant to such an assessment in the case of black and white photography, some sculpture and printmaking, or grisaille painting).
Radiating around it in this grisaille painting are images of a monkey, a skull, an insect, a pennant, a nude woman, symbols of the US and Hamas, a Buddha, a snake, a starving child, and a spaceship, all linked in a symmetrical matrix apparently representing an arcane fantasy of sex, power, death, and nature that we cannot fully decode but which somehow reads nonetheless as completely serious and logical.
Schiele), a virtuoso grisaille painting that makes reference to black-and-white photography, he has combined iconic historical images into a large painted photomontage that brings Klimt and Schiele together.
Looking at Absteigende Heisse Strahlen (Descending Hot Rays), a quiet grisaille painting, one might imagine it describes a theatrical moment--a dancer doing a soft-shoe with a bucket over his head.
The theme of the relationship of consciousness to the body was further developed in the four grisaille paintings on view, whose imagery evoked the five senses.