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a revolving stone shaped like a disk

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It warn't no slouch of an idea; and it warn't no slouch of a grindstone nuther; but we allowed we'd tackle it.
Our hole was pretty big, but it warn't big enough to get the grindstone through; but Jim he took the pick and soon made it big enough.
Dede and Ferguson, between them, after a patient struggle, taught Daylight poetry, so that in the end he might have been often seen, sitting slack in the saddle and dropping down the mountain trails through the sun-flecked woods, chanting aloud Kipling's "Tomlinson," or, when sharpening his ax, singing into the whirling grindstone Henley's "Song of the Sword." Not that he ever became consummately literary in the way his two teachers were.
- These two whole days I took up in grinding my tools, my machine for turning my grindstone performing very well.
'We're Here'." Dan sluiced the pen energetically, unshipped the table, set it up to dry in the moonlight, ran the red knife-blades through a wad of oakum, and began to sharpen them on a tiny grindstone, as Harvey threw offal and backbones overboard under his direction.
The very grindstone 'ull go on turning a bit after you loose it."
But his youthful fire was all composed of sparks from the grindstone; and as the sparks flew off, went out, and never warmed anything, be sure that Fledgeby had his tools at the grindstone, and turned it with a wary eye.
She brings everything to a grindstone,' said Steerforth, and sharpens it, as she has sharpened her own face and figure these years past.
After grinding a number of dull blades - of whom it was remarkable that their fathers, when influential, were always going to help him to preferment, but always forgot to do it when the blades had left the Grindstone - he had wearied of that poor work and had come to London.
Seeing a business opportunity, Raye imported two massive 2,000- to 3,000-pound quartz grindstones from France, built a small mill near Eastport's railroad line, and started supplying mustard to the sardine factories dotting the coast of Maine.
Some smaller designs use tiny grindstones, but they're slow, and the grindstones don't last long enough to be practical.
The sandstone grindstones of Tyneside were in great demand, with 23 quarries alone in the Heworth area of Gateshead and more in Windy Nook, Springwell, Eighton Banks, Kenton, Burradon and Wideopen.
Yet even such basic grindstones can effectively process seeds, which are a seasonal food staple in this area, though tjiwa are much less efficient than millstones for processing large volumes of grain.
The Guildhall also housed the Town Hutch, where the town's money from tolls on coal, salt and grindstones were kept.