Grimm's law

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a sound law relating German consonants and consonants in other Indo-European languages

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The Grimm brothers, of fairy-tale fame, popularized Grimm's Law of letter shifts but they were not the first to put the observation into print.
Thus, Freudian and Wagnerian are excluded, yet Johannisberger and Mauser are listed; tantalizingly, we find Fechner's law, but not Grimm's law.
Naturally, certain thorns and prickles do still catch our sleeves - vocative case, Grimm's Law, apo koinou, untranslated Latin quotations, and i-mutation among them.
In what was to become known as Grimm's law, he demonstrated the principle of the regularity of correspondence among consonants in genetically related languages, a principle previously observed by the Dane Rasmus Rask.
Appropriately presented, Grimm's law addressed these problems, stating that as language was simply a system of sound, subject to internal rules, it could neither decline nor improve.