grievous bodily harm

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Sheady admitted grievious bodily harm following the incident on February 16, denied the more serious charge of GBH with intent, but was convicted by a Chester Crown Court jury in May.
Now a shadow of the young man who went out that fateful night in January 2000, he heard a jury's decision to clear the pair of grievious bodily harm condemned as "absolutely perverse".
Shirley Rose Clemons, aged 48, of Mantilla Drive, Styvechale, denies charges of causing grievious bodily harm with intent and cruelty to a child.
He also took into account his age, that he had pleaded guilty, but he also had a previous conviction for inflicting grievious bodily harm.
Morris, of Hopeman, Morayshire, who had previously served time for grievious bodily harm, was also fined pounds 500 and banned from driving for five years.