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an unofficial market in which goods are bought and sold at prices lower than the official price set by a regulatory agency

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Fly-by-night operators, out to make quick bucks, are the people who benefit from the grey market. It is quite obvious that these dubious operators are not the ones who have consumer interests in mind.
In fact, some large businesses from the organised sector are also dabbling in grey market, thereby throwing their ethics to the wind.
The grey market on the Chinese ecommerce giant originally opened at 180 - 190 points, where each point is $1bn.
"Since April our grey market has traded around the $200bn mark, but over the last week it's jumped up 10% to $220bn.
The size of the grey market globally has been reported to be between $3.5 billion and $4 billion according to research from The Imaging Supplies Coalition.
The stallholders are not the only ones doing the selling: two Americans in the mall held a duffel bag with four iPads they had brought over from the United States in the hope of cashing in on the grey market boom.
China's grey market in Apple products developed to satisfy demand for the iPhone, which only officially went on sale in the Asian giant in October -- more than two years after its US launch.
An Apple spokeswoman contacted by news agency would not comment on grey market sales, which are fuelled by the fact that the iPad is not currently available through official Apple stores outside the United States.
Information technology manufacturers may be losing up to pounds 3.1 billion a year to the grey market.
A new study from KPMG LLP indicates that as much as pounds 25 billion of computer-related products are passing through the grey market each year.
Grey market products are branded products diverted from an authorised distribution channel or imported into another country, most probably without the knowledge or consent of the manufacturer or brand owner.
"There are some very grey markets, where the mechanisms of diversion are extremely difficult to fight," acknowledged Mr.
teetering on the brink of recession, it's appropriate to revisit the problem of diversion, better known in some circles as the grey market. Although the problem has been around for decades, it spread quickly during the last recession.
And when companies are struggling, they often look for a quick fix to the problem, such as the grey market. There clearly is a demand for prestige fragrances in mass outlets and, unfortunately for many prestige fragrance companies that demand, more often than not, gets met.
A 2011 Premier Healthcare Alliance report estimated that the typical grey market vendor marks up prices by 650 percent.