grey market

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an unofficial market in which goods are bought and sold at prices lower than the official price set by a regulatory agency

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HSD; Grey market and higher prices continues to hamper growth during Aug-19
- Sales and 5-year forecast for legal and grey market consoles including Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch
According to him, people fall into the counterfeit trap when they buy from the grey market.
Grey market is where the products and goods are bought and sold outside and not within in the original manufacturers authorized distribution channel.
He said that the grey market for illegal currency business has expanded on larger scale; the reduced 70pc volume of legal business has transferred to illegal market.
According to the company, its jewellery is highly sought after and the demand has seen a rise in the grey market trade within China.
Consumer specialist Dr Lindsey Carey, of Glasgow Caledonian University, says there are more grey market goods than ever on our shelves.
For this purpose PTA has started a media campaign which highlights the grey market issues and urging public to safeguard the consumer rights.
Grey market providers buying bandwidth abroad no doubt pay more than Ogero (having at least a satellite link provider between themselves and an actual internet seller), but almost certainly less than local ISPs pay Ogero.
Cambodia's car industry says it's in crisis, undercut by the grey market of cheap imports: new and used.
Earlier, the telcos had said that consumers who opt for inferior quality cell phones and grey market handsets are responsible for 36 per cent of call drops.
Demand for the FaceTime app is helping keep sales of grey-market iPhones (grey market refers to the legal sales of items through a secondary market) alive in the UAE.
In the past years, extensive grey market imports of smartphones in India occur during this season.
This is the first of a series of articles that will discuss new legal developments and strategies in six specific niche areas of brand protection relating to (1) the grey market, (2) FCPA/Regulatory compliance, (3) criminal enforcement, (4) running investigations, (5) online monitoring, and (6) data breaches.