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high-scoring Canadian ice-hockey player (born in 1961)

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Gretzky has published the code for his 2FA hack on GitHub, so everyone has access to it.
Gretzky was at White Hart Lane to see Spurs' lose 2-1 to Arsenal in the Capital One Cup on Wednesday - and was handed the jersey by former skipper Ledley King before the game.
Johnson even bet his future father-in-law Wayne Gretzky $1,000 to show he could go a month without vodka before resuming his career.
1984 -- Wayne Gretzky's record 51-game scoring streak is halted in the Los Angeles Kings' 4-2 victory.
Those who enjoy the pool and athletic facilities at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre in Brantford will soon be able to benefit from a more improved parking area and a lovely new landscape.
Model and singer, Paulina Gretzky, whose appearance on the Golf Digest Fitness Issue cover evoked mixed opinion, was among those at the Par- 3.
New York, April 5 ( ANI ): NHL legend Wayne Gretzky's daughter Paulina's sexy Golf Digest has caused many a heartache among Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) pros.
"While reflex demands as a Canadian I put down Wayne Gretzky, I would have to choose, in all seriousness, my mother.
An 83 page section in the middle provides quotations from the realms of software development and management, along with a few general ones from superstars like Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky. A final section refers the reader to some useful online tools.
Citing Canadian ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, he said: "Wayne Gretzky said don't go where the puck is, go where the puck is going.
Whether the Gretzky analogy scores bigger budgets for the Pentagon remains to be seen.
Each time Smith referenced an intimate body part during his Carnegie Hall performance, Friend replaced it with "Wayne Gretzky," one of Smith's heroes.
Wayne Gretzky holds the record with nine Hart awards.