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United States sexual physiologist whose hunch that progesterone could block ovulation led to the development of the oral contraceptive pill (1903-1967)

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McCormick, a supporter of women's rights who was haunted by the mental decline of her wealthy husband, first encounters Sanger in a chapter entitled "The Socialite and the Sex Maniac." Gregory Pincus was allegedly molested by the family maid at the age of ten; while at ten years old, Sanger "feared her father's passion" when, suffering from typhoid fever, he lay down next to her in bed.
1950 - Biologist Dr Gregory Pincus was invited by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America to develop a contraceptive that would be "harmless, entirely reliable, simple, practical, and universally applicable".
"The Birth of the Pill, How Four Crusaders Reinvented Sex and Launched a Revolution,'' traces the efforts of biologist Gregory Pincus, Boston physician Dr.
But Rock's fame rests mostly on his work with biologist Gregory Pincus to develop and promote the pill.
Katherine McCormick Dexter and Margaret Sanger visited Gregory Pincus at the Worcester Foundation of Experimental Biology on June 8, 1953, setting in motion the discovery of the birth control pill.
1954 - The Pill is invented by Americans Gregory Pincus and John Rock.
His book will focus on biologist Gregory Pincus, who had been let go by Harvard after his work on in-vitro fertilization was deemed too controversial, Eig said.
Gregory Pincus of the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology and offered funding for research on contraception.
Stanley Hall, Robert Goddard, Albert Michelson and Gregory Pincus, and other, sometimes lesser-known but equally transformative individuals.
And on Downing Street, in an abandoned carriage house, professors Hudson Hoagland and Gregory Pincus were doing their first experiments on human reproduction.
In "The Control of Fertility" (1965), Gregory Pincus acknowledged Katharine McCormick for her "steadfast faith in scientific inquiry and her unswerving encouragement of human dignity." The phrase "human dignity" signals the true significance of his discovery.
Gregory Pincus, co-inventor of the birth control pill, "had no interest in contraception." Because of a reporter's error, he was misquoted in last week's Sunday Telegram.
Gregory Pincus, Min-Chueh Chang and their colleagues at the Worcester Foundation - which Drs.
Gregory Pincus had a simple response: "I invented the pill at the request of a woman."
Because of an editor's error, the name of Gregory Pincus' biographer was misspelled in an "As I See It" op-ed piece by Thoru Pederson in yesterday's Telegram & Gazette regarding Mr.