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a card sent to express personal greetings

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He said the scenario was quite different 10 years ago as the demand of not only Eid cards but other greeting cards such as Birthdays, greetings for new job or marriage were also in high demand.
Rehab Zia, who makes and sells greeting cards under her own name agreed.
We exchanged eid gifts and greeting cards with friends, now we only receive a social media posts.'
"Greeting cards are a guaranteed sale with no shrink, in many cases for the same price as a low-end bouquet," says Schrader, who looks for ways to increase card sales all year long.
KANSAS CITY -- With 6.5 billion cards purchased every year, the greeting card industry is a stable, yet vibrant, business.
That's why,--contrary to conventional wisdom--social media haven't made greeting cards passe, Doherty and others have said.
Launched in 1988, the "LOUIEs" honor Louis Prang, the German-born Boston lithographer and publisher known as the "Father of the American Christmas Card" More than 230 companies throughout the world submitted nearly 1,000 entries for the greeting card and social expression industry's definitive awards competition.
There was a gap in the market, so instead of waiting for someone else to launch a greeting card for Muslims I decided to do it myself."
Popcards are the newest innovation in Greeting Cards that combine both a photo and video in an augmented reality experience.
Dollar greeting cards emerged more than a decade ago, even before the Great Recession spurred a resurgence in value shopping, according to those in the greeting card industry.
Talking to Qatar Tribune, Awatif, a Sudanese expatriate, said, oeI have been sending Eid greeting cards to my friends and family over the years.
We have teamed up with WHSmith to give you PS5 OFF when you spend PS15 on books, Christmas gifts*, greeting cards, gift wrap and stationery!
Mumbai, India, October 04, 2012 --( Netscribes a knowledge consulting solutions company, announces the launch of its Greeting Cards Market in India 2012 report.
Dubai: Conveying their wishes through paper greeting cards continues to remain a favourite among many residents.
30 -- The Greeting Card Association in the US conducted a study in which they found that nine out of ten Americans look forward to receiving personal letters and greeting cards because cards allow them to keep in touch with friends and family and make them feel that they are important to someone else.