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meridian at zero degree longitude from which east and west are reckoned (usually the Greenwich longitude in England)

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This is officially 'the home of time', where the zero longitude Greenwich Meridian line is marked by line and laser.
Just because the Greenwich Meridian runs through east London, they should not necessarily expect transfer dealing activity to be arranged just to suit them and the Premier League clubs of which they are in charge.
The clock is mounted on the wall outside the gate of the Royal Greenwich Observatory, which is home to the Greenwich Meridian Line, marking the Prime Meridian of the World at zero degrees longitude.
But the island nation -- located in the Gulf of Guinea precisely where the equator and the Greenwich meridian meet -- should be considered exactly that, said SEuo Tome Ambassador Carlos Gustavo dos Anjos on a recent visit to ystanbul.
It would also spell the end for Greenwich Mean Time, which is measured by the time at which the Sun crosses the Greenwich Meridian and was adopted in Britain in 1847.
The Meridian building houses an impressive collection of telescopes, including the Airy Transit Circle, a 10ft instrument which defined the Greenwich Meridian until 1850.
As it is a series starting at the Greenwich meridian line and moving eastwards through the world, it would have taken a lifetime (and more) to orchestrate the release of books in order.
130 BC) to the international acceptance of the Greenwich meridian in 1884.
The Greenwich Meridian (Longitude 0[degrees]) passes through Tema near Accra and meets the Equator (Latitude 0[degrees]) a few score miles into the country's territorial waters in the Atlantic Ocean.
These three stars are sometimes known as the Three Guides, because they lie close to the zero hour of right ascension, the heavenly counterpart to the Greenwich meridian on Earth.
The name follows the capital's geographical location a" 24 degrees north of the equator and 54 degrees east of Greenwich Meridian, a report said.
Even the simple, timeless pleasure of watching a bit of television threatens a kind of cosmic disconnect as TiVo/DVR time adjustments leave one drifting out of the reach of the Greenwich meridian or any of its spinoffs.
He sets off at London's Greenwich Meridian Timeline on April 13 and will navigate through Europe, Africa, Australasia and the Americas.
Jason, 40, was cheered by hundreds of people as he crossed the Greenwich Meridian on the Thames in his pedal driven boat Moshka.
The intrepid explorer waved ecstatically to the crowds who had gathered to see him cross the Greenwich Meridian finish line at 12.43pm.
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