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a belt of parks or rural land surrounding a town or city


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Assemblywoman Sandy Galef said, I am glad to see that the Town of Ossining has been selected to receive $30,000 from the Hudson River Valley Greenways 2016 Greenway Conservancy Trail Grant Program.
It will look at how current greenways can be developed and maintained to boost cycling, walking and horse riding facilities, plus the potential for extending the greenway network in the borough.
Then come in from the cold and join Wachusett Greenways for cold cider or hot chocolate and treats including ginger snaps.
and Peter Greenways are also charged with consigning or transporting hazardous waste without a manifest.
Great Rivers Greenway, a public organization developing an interconnected system of trails and greenways to make the region a better place to live, encompasses St.
According to the "edge effect," greenways have a distinct advantage over traditional parks.
Currently Greenways has around nine pupils to a class with a range of learning and psychological disabilities.
This "Iron Curtain Greenway Tour" would be a fitting tribute to the peaceful end to the Cold War and to those who helped create the conditions for this historic win win event.
The greenways don't only help the neighborhoods, they protect native species.
4-acre vacant lot that had been used as an illegal dumping ground into a park featuring waterfront access at the start of the Bronx River Greenway.
A total of 95 miles of such greenways are now part of the national cycleway network in the region which has been created by cycleway charity Sustrans.
GUELPH, Ontario-It's been a busy 16 months at Greenway Home Products.
Greenways products are manufactured by 20 or so subcontractors who, Whitaker says, "have contracts that guarantee the products are OK and not tested on animals.
Researchers reasoned that such corridors, often called greenways, would allow wildlife and human populations to live intertwined without cloistering wild creatures into islands where they would eventually run out of resources and become dangerously inbred.