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the largest island in the world

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The accidental nature of Joan's arrival in Greenland is another element of the play that frustrated critics, as did the explanation of the transformation of society into utopia; "tyranny got tired," we are told by the Greenlander, Palace.
Founded in 2003 and based in Hangzhou, China, Greenlander is a healthcare IT solutions provider that specializes in PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and RIS (Radiology Information System).
Per Berthelsen, the chairman of the democrat party MPs, has suggested that the airline should sell empty seats at low prices to make air travel available for the average Greenlander.
The last recorded Norse voyage to America was in 1347, when a Greenlander crew picked up a load of timber in Labrador; the tiny ship was tossed off course to Iceland.
Slate noted that something drastic changed Greenlander culture around 1970, when suicides began to climb, especially among the young 6 who tragically did not have a mental health support system to aid in their struggles.
Velorio and Greenlander are teaming up for shows Saturday and Monday.
A half-sister to two winners, she is out of a winning sister to Prix Robert Papin winner Greenlander.
I drank in Gudrid's story with the pleasure of a Greenlander guzzling the first wine from Vinland grapes and was soon spending every spare waking moment tracking down more information about her life and the countries she'd visited.
Nearly every Greenlander I spoke with had resided in both Denmark and Greenland at some point in their lives, and it was interesting to hear how they were ultimately drawn back to this wintry corner of the world.
The average Greenlander can reportedly expect to live 65 years, 10 years less than their Danish counterparts.
The trio are Clive Brittain's Greenlander (Sylvain Guillot), Mark Johnston's Atlantic Viking (Jason Weaver) and Simon Dow's Aurigny (Gerald Mosse).
Ormond didn't want to resort to prosthetics to make her look like a Greenlander.
225), "We have undoubtedly done the Greenlander considerable harm by importation of various European products--coffee, tobacco, bread.
Pulp band member Jarvis Cocker, the news show's guest editor, insisted that the Beeb's most straight-faced output should broadcast the weather in Greenland, read by a Greenlander to a background of yapping huskies.