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part of the Arctic Ocean to the north of Iceland

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5 kilometres in the abyssal Greenland Sea would warm the atmosphere above Europe by 4[degrees]C.
This conclusion is the only result From our study that is not in accordance with the old historical literature, which suggested that the bowhead whales overwintered in the southwest Greenland Sea near Iceland (Southwell, 1898).
The North Pole is situated on the surface of the Arctic Ocean, a circular 14 million square kilometre sea almost landlocked by the continents of North America, Asia and Europe with only three outlets--the Bering Strait to the Pacific Ocean and the Greenland Sea and the Labrador Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.
The Nordic Seas, comprising the Norwegian Sea, the Iceland Sea, and the Greenland Sea, serves as a mixing cauldron for waters entering from the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, and as a major source of deep and abyss water, and so understanding it is important to unraveling the climate dynamics in the Northern Hemisphere.
Bordered on the north by the Greenland Sea and Arctic Circle, Iceland has surprisingly warm temperatures for its latitude.
and foreign scientists are launching a series of airborne experiments in March and April that will probe the atmosphere and ice around the Fram Strait in the northern Greenland Sea.
26 ( ANI ): Researchers have said that recent warming of the Greenland Sea Deep Water is about ten times higher than warming rates estimated for the global ocean.
The study, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, found that the worst-affected areas are Hudson Bay, the East Greenland Sea, the Laptev and East Siberian seas, and the Chukchi and Beaufort seas, where the melt season had lengthened by more than ten days per decade.
However, it was only after several successful Glomar Challenger and JOIDES Resolution legs to the iceberg-infested Southern Ocean, Norwegian and Greenland Sea, and Labrador Sea/Baffin Bay waters that JOIDES Resolution undertook true arctic drilling.
In a project involving 11 nations, sevenships, eight aircraft, four helicopters and more than 200 people, oceanographers have journeyed to the Fram Strait region of the Greenland Sea to study the marginal ice zone--the boundary between open and ice-covered ocean.
Biologist Dr Paul Roberton returned in the "mocumentary", claiming to reveal never-before-seen footage of the assumed mythical creatures swimming in the Greenland Sea.
Both sexes return each year to breeding grounds in Newfoundland, the Greenland Sea, and the White Sea.
Lawrence, but to have shortened over a much larger area, including the Sea of Okhotsk, the Greenland Sea, the Barents Sea, and all the seas along the north coast of Russia.
One of these places is in the Greenland Sea from where it deflects the Gulf Stream towards Europe.
2,000 square leagues of ice with which the Greenland Seas between the latitudes of 74 and 80N have been hitherto covered, has in the last two years, entirely disappeared.