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a card that identifies the bearer as an alien with permanent resident status in the United States

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New York-based Greencard Creative was established in 2010, during the economic crisis, with the ambition of transcending a typical design firm.
Greencard Golf, well beaten on his four previous starts, all at 100-1, was sent off at 11-2 for a weak novice hurdle and showed that he does have the ability to win a race, in the right company, as he came home two and a half lengths clear under Alan O'Keeffe.
Then his brother, in deference to their dying mother's wishes, sponsored him for a greencard application.
Although recent immigration legislative developments indicate greencard holders using the treaty-tiebreaker provision could result in the loss of green cams, these developments did not apply in Powertex.
Further generous sponsorship was received from Abercrobie & Kent, Appledore Trust, Baring Foundation, Booker plc, Cambridge University, Chris Caldicott, Clothworkers Foundation, CPL Colour Processing, COLAB, Mr Edward de Courcy-Bryant, Darwin Initiative, The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust, GreenCard Trust, LongDistance Walking Association, Wessex Group, Natural Resources Institute, River Island Co, Royal Society and the William A Cadbury Charitable Trust.
Drafted last year by an interagency Alien Border Control Committee, the plan targets visa and greencard holders from Algeria, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia as potential "alien terrorists and undesirables.
With greencard in hand, the immigrants would then be on a path to apply for US citizenship.
Rodolpho (Gabriel Olds), the younger of the two illegal immigrants, takes an interest in Catherine (and vice versa), and Eddie responds by whispering rumors that the blond-haired, rather flamboyant Rodolpho is a homosexual desiring Catherine only for greencard reasons.
However, a sentence was added by the final regulations that may have a chilling effect on treaty-based claims of nonresidence by greencard holders living outside the United States.
INS Greencard, con sede en el distrito financiero de Manhattan, Nueva York, ha establecido una asociacion con grupos sin fines de lucro que velan por los derechos de los inmigrantes en EU.
There is a Woodland Card from the Royal Bank of Scotland, Greenpeace from the Co-operative and GreenCard from the Bank of Scotland.
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