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United States linguist who studied the historical relations among 5,000 languages (1916-2001)

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By that time, Greenberg already had a reputation as one of baseball's greatest players--and as a proud American and Jew.
Greenberg will attend the premiere of his book in a bookstore in downtown Sofia on October 1st.
Rosengren reveals that Greenberg was not "Roy Hobbs: a natural player.
Beryl Greenberg has set up Dakota Glass, a business registered in Liverpool, which has bought the assets of Greenberg Glass Emergency's depot in Salford.
Three years ago, in his first trip to the plate in a major league game as a call-up by the Chicago Cubs on the road at Tampa, three games before the All-Star break, the left-handed batting Greenberg, up as a pinch-hitter in the ninth inning, took a left-hander's first-pitch fastball into his head, just behind the left ear.
After becoming the new president of the board of directors of Worcester Foothills Theatre Company in July, Greenberg finds himself presiding over a $1 million fund drive.
The company described Greenberg as a floor covering retailer by birth, growing up in his family's business, Tile Town/Carpet City in St.
Greenberg Glass Group's service technicians complete around 100,000 reactive jobs each year, such as reglazing shop fronts and conducting emergency repair work, and each job requires the technician to complete a service order form, including duration and time of visit and the work carried out.
David Levy and Michael Greenberg represented both the tenant and landlord in the transaction.
It has the origin of the Frisbee, Barbie, the yo-yo, Hula-Hoops and bags of sealed potato chips,'' Greenberg said.
Greenberg will also continue as department director for Geisinger Medical Groups in Centre County.
President Jim Greenberg, pointing out the difference between the erasing process compared to simply re-formatting a hard drive.
The answer, I think, has a lot do with some final, belated exorcism of Clement Greenberg.