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a former political party in the United States

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In addition to greenbackism, there are at least two other ways of visualizing an expansionary monetary policy, reductions in the price of money (currency depreciation), and reductions in the rental cost of money (lower interest rates.) It is possible that the preceding comment on the "extreme inflationists" was a reference to the dollar depreciation program of late 1933.
Although several voices were heard in the agrarian debates over money and banking, they can be subsumed under two headings: greenbackism and financial conservatism.
She suggests that the political appeal of greenbackism was stronger than the voting record indicates because it struck a popular chord.
Was the rise of financial conservatism and the defeat of greenbackism inevitable?
The Grange and Greenbacker program of "antimonopoly greenbackism," as Robert McMath puts it,(18) constituted the core ideology of true Populism.