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a backstage room in a theater where performers rest or have visitors

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We're proud to be hosting our usual stage at The Green Room again this year.
Its popularity created a high level of expectation for Green Room , which also premiered in the Directors' Fortnight before going on to play numerous other festivals, including Toronto, Fantastic Fest and Sundance.
Green Room won the Audience Award at Austin's Fantastic Fest last September and got a huge response.
From the moment that these children reveal themselves in the few square metres of the Green Room, roles are automatically abolished and reassigned.
Richard Ash, founder and chief executive of Green Room said: "Mercedes-Benz World is a superb facility, with a vast array of things to do and catch the eye.
In seven months, he brought out a riveting memoir in the form of The Green Room .
The Green Room will be one of three seminar sessions being staged at Interplas and will be dedicated to burning topics of energy efficiency, materials and the environment, recycling, and the wider world.
Crime Fighting Cabaret at the Green Room with Baroness Helen Newlove, centre, Sam Smith and Joyce Percival
My husband met him in the green room afterwards and told him he wasn't going to ask him to step outside," she added.
He may have been born in Kentucky, where his dam Green Room is still based, but his registered breeders, Vimal and Gillian Khosla, are based in Scotland, and the mare's mating plans are devised by her joint-owner Caroline Green, owner of Templeton Stud in Kintbury, Berkshire.
The Green Room, next to the Skydome in medieval Spon Street, has been ordered to close until March and will face tougher controls when it reopens.
The partnership joins the iconic brand to the world of mobile entertainment through GoTV Music Group with a series featuring various musical artists and performances to air on the aptly titled Gibson Green Room.
Apparently, Green Room is the name of an interdimensional vortex outside of Salt Lake City.
Riki and I were in the middle of a fierce debate regarding whether we should dine inside the Green Room, or at one of the Restaurant's outer tables.
Bauer gratuitously cold-cocks Alda with his gun butt, does a tuck-and-roll, then lurches into the green room, where Laurie sips a cup of tea.