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an environmentalist political party

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twitter-tweet]ICYMI: Canada's Green Party adopts Israel BDS into its platform (https://twitter.
Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency, Green Party leader Giorgos Perdikis said a decision would be made on June 18 when party members convene to collectively choose who they will back.
Wales Green Party proposes to use renewable energy to inform the basis of a sustainable economic model that can kick start a green revolution of the Welsh economy.
The Wales Green Party policy is to take steps towards the introduction of a universal basic income, including a governmentsponsored pilot scheme, as a means to increase security and avoid the poverty trap.
But leading Green Party members say Labour nationally needs to show proper reciprocation in order for them to be unchallenged.
The Green Party also claimed in their position that with the impact on the Bulgarian media, the politicians and the magistrats are guilty for the huge decrease in the Freedom of Speech classification from 34th to 113th place for the last ten years.
I grew up in Germany and have taught about Germany and Europe in the United States for the past 15 years, so I have seen Green Party politicians at work in both countries.
Ibtesam had never attended a Green Party event before she arrived at the party's national convention in Houston this weekend, but she said she felt right at home.
Alex Jones-Casey, chair of the university's Green Party Society, said: "Political activism on campus has seen a massive increase over the course of the past year, but we in the Green Party Society believe there's still a big portion of the student body who have been ostracised by contemporary politics.
Ms Bennett will visit several locations in Liverpool Riverside, a Green Party target constituency in which Martin Dobson is standing.
Separately, and in relation to the claim that in the Berwick upon Tweed constituency the two coalition candidates are running "neck-and-neck", I would point out that the only evidence of this is a Lord Ashcroft poll taken in August of last year - many things have happened in those last eight months, not least of which is the surge of support for the Green Party.
The Green Party PETRA has worked as a nurse in the NHS for 32 years and has lived in Deganwy with her family since 2008.
DEAR Editor, I had great hopes for the Green Party but am now completely disillusioned.
THE Green Party has a "Three Yes" approach to the EU.