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an environmentalist political party

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Asked whether he too could leave the Latvian Green Party and/or the Union of Greens and Farmers and join a different party, just like former health minister Anda Caksa did last week by joining Unity, Bergmanis said that ''he has not considered this'', and he remains a board member of the Latvian Green Party.
The Green Party candidate for Loughborough will be Wesley Walton.
The results in terms of share of the vote in the West Midlands: Brexit Party: 38% Labour Party: 17% Liberal Democrats: 16% Green Party: 11% Conservatives: 10% UKIP: 5% Change UK: 3% It appeared that many voters turned their back on the two major parties, punishing the Tories for failing to deliver Brexit - and punishing Labour for failing to make it clear whether it backs Brexit or not.
Green Party councillor for Porthill, Julian Dean said: "2019 needs to be remembered as the year that Shropshire turned a corner on climate change.
Here is a full list of candidates Beacon and Bents David Roger Francis (Green Party) Ali Hayder (Conservative) Audrey McMillan (Labour) Bede Fay Cunningham (Labour) Mary Elizabeth Golightly (Conservative) Keith Roberts (Independent) Biddick and All Saints Joe Amar (Labour) Rhiannon Sian Curtis (Green) Stewart Thomas Hay (Conservative) Neil Hickman (UKIP) Boldon Colliery Ian Armstrong (Conservative) Bevan Vaughan John de Villiers (Liberal Democrats) Ian Jason Diamond (Independent) Sandra Duncan (Labour) Colin Robert Tosh (Green Party) Cleadon and East Boldon (two seats) Joan Atkinson(Labour) Colin Campbell (No party declared) Jane Carter (Labour) Ian Forster (Independent) Dave Henderson (Independent) David Herbert (Green) Sarah Jean McKeown (Green) Fiona Anne Milburn (Independent).
Ashbrow: Dominic Gill: Conservative Andrew McCaig: Liberal Democrats Amanda Pinnock: Labour Brenda Smithson: Green Party Seat currently held by Labour's Amanda Pinnock.
"I ask you therefore to investigate urgently and consider taking the strongest possible action, which to date, unfortunately, the Green Party are failing to do."
But the Green Party, which meets in Houston this weekend, didn't hit the mark.
[twitter-tweet]ICYMI: Canada's Green Party adopts Israel BDS into its platform ( #Canada ( #Palestine ( #BDS (
Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency, Green Party leader Giorgos Perdikis said a decision would be made on June 18 when party members convene to collectively choose who they will back.
THE Wales Green Party has expressed disquiet at the way climate change has been sidelined as an issue during the general election campaign.
THE Wales Green Party has expressed disquiet about the way climate change has been sidelined as an issue during the General Election campaign.
The Green Party announced that they agreed with their coalition partner Yes, Bulgaria's claim for the resignation of the Bulgarian Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov acarov, reported Dnevnik.
But Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate, is drawing only 1 to 3 per cent in recent polls, even in an election where many voters dislike the major candidates and are looking for alternatives.