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an environmentalist political party

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It has often been said that electoral rules and party systems (so-called 'external factors') are the primary explanation for the success (or lack thereof) of Green parties, as for example in the case of the UK.
It was pragmatic, to get access to the identifier on the ballot paper in the Sydney federal seat poll, but also optimistic and idealistic with the global emergence of Green parties and the local initiative of the Nuclear Disarmament Party (NDP), which Sydney Greens supported for the Senate.
The Green Party of the United States places the same priority on human rights as do other Green parties. (21) A Californian Green Party policy direction document states bluntly that: 'immigration policies should be based strongly on human rights'.
CONTACT: Nader 2000, (202)265-4000; Association of State Green Parties, (202)232-0335,; Green Party USA, (978)682-4353,
The conflict first erupted over the seating of delegates from Utah, where two Green Parties claim affiliation, one that supported Nader and another that supported Cobb.
He cites statistics: In 1996, there were ten organized state Green parties, five with a ballot line.
It was one of the reasons that ASGP (Association of State Green Parties) was formed and later became the GPUS that broke away from the Green Party of the United States of America (GPUSA)
The organization's convention was the Association of State Green Parties, and there are already different, if not rival, factions claiming authenticity.
If Green Parties claim to be a political arm of the green and environmental movements, why is it, for example in Canada, that this is just a verbal claim, with no discussion of actual content?
There were more opposition papers from members of the Green Party USA, a separate sect from the Association of State Green Parties and, according to its literature, a more genuinely radical group.
Actually, Nader's 1996 and 2000 presidential campaigns are, by most accounts, primarily responsible for quadrupling the number of organized state Green Parties and guaranteed ballot lines in the last eight years.
a Santa Fe city -- council member active in the loose-knit national federation of state-based Green Parties.
16, 2003 USGP Proposal to Create a Presidential Support Committee: "whether we will have a Presidential candidate is not 100% settled;" Oct 28, 2003 National Press Release: "The decision about whom, how, and whether to run in the 2004 national election will be made democratically by all the accredited state Green Parties at the Milwaukee convention."
Within days, Nader had received expressions of support from activists in at least eighteen states, including New Mexico and Alaska, where there are already strong Green parties; Pennsylvania, where the Consumer Party line could be available; and Wisconsin, where some members of the New Progressive Party want him on their ballot.