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Some charities were still recovering from Hurricane Irene, which walloped the Green Mountain State in August 2011.
With the spring thaw now melting the icy winter that envelopes the beauty of Vermont every year, it's worth taking a peek under the cloud cover of the Green Mountain state.
Despite the staggering statistics about the miles of maple syrup-soaked intestines going to waste in the Green Mountain State, even this small incentive has proved controversial.
Theroux would probably agree that letter writing today is a lost art, and so would the members of the Vermont Sunshine Society, a volunteer organization based in the Green Mountain State.
With about the same limited population and highway miles as Vermont--but enough geography to accommodate the Green Mountain State 60 times over--Alaska officials spent more than $35 million on airline tickets last year transporting essential state employees and Medicaid beneficiaries.
The Green Mountain State has made its mark as the premier onshore U.
Whisked from our beds to catch an early-morning flight, we leave with a full stomach but with an appetite to return and experience more of America's green mountain state.
Prodded by a state supreme court ruling, legislators in the Green Mountain State passed a law in April that brings gay and lesbian relationships closer to the legal equivalent of marriage than has any other action in the United States.
A year ago, when a utility company removed one of its dams from Vermont's Clyde River, Karen and Kevin Coffey were among the happiest people in the Green Mountain State.
In the Green Mountain State, 83% of schoolchildren with disabilities are educated in "regular" classrooms, as opposed to just 36% nationwide.
From the mountain fastness of the Green Mountain State come some very good ales, among them those from the Mountain Brewers of Bridgewater, VT.
But fast forward one year and what wounded the Green Mountain State this time last year has left a state and a community - as strong and unified as ever.
It was only six years ago that Tropical Storm Irene tore through the Green Mountain State, leaving a wound we are still trying to heal today.
So he sold his local dealership, put the former Yankee Drummer Inn site on Route 12 on the market, and moved to the Green Mountain state.
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