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The commercials, featuring actors playing the Greek deity Zeus and ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra, depict the whirring wheels of slot machine-style games in hopes of drawing more players to the lottery - and generating more gambling revenues for the state.
Which Greek deity was the god of prophecy, music, poetry and healing?
But whether this meaty looking coupe-cabrio deserves to be named after a Greek deity, Eos, I'm not sure.
IT'S funky and chunky and looks good in its muscular format.But whether this meaty looking coupe-cabrio deserves to be named after a Greek deity - Eos - I'm not sure.
With work by fourteen international artists including Thomas Hirschhorn, Fabrice Hyber, Keith Tyson, Paul McCarthy, and ubiquitous prankster Maurizio Cattelan, the show aims to evoke the hedonistic spirit of the ancient Greek deity by way of mostly brand-new installations, films, performance, and a sound room.
While competition was fierce, it was not an end in itself; the Olympics honored Zeus, the most powerful Greek deity, ruler of the other gods as well as of humans.
You could say that the daughters of these families performed a kind of alchemy; in their dances, political thought became aesthetic vision made manifest in powerful dance solos--Fuller as a master of natural forces, Duncan as a Greek deity, St.
Named after the Greek deity of earth, each aspect of the eatery is supposed to resonate with the sun, mountains and the sea.
A teenager learns that a Greek deity is his ancestor, provoking him to embark on a magical quest to save his mother and finally put an end to the conflict between gods, while a gang of monsters causes chaos on Earth 2010 ***
The statue is a 16th-century French copy of the classical marble statue depicting the Greek deity Apollo as an archer.