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a company of actors who comment (by speaking or singing in unison) on the action in a classical Greek play

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Here the Greek chorus sings the blues (the music of storytelling and suffering) but it distracts rather than adds to proceedings.
Director David Wheeler, who has clearly worked well with his two leads, might well have reined in this Greek Chorus trio when they grew too broad.
To help the story along, there is the addition of a narrator, like a Greek chorus, who commentates on them mixed fortunes of Liverpool's recent history.
Loudly announced by the Greek chorus of Rona Benson, Johanna Day and Justin Hagan, who capably perform all the other roles, these somewhat repetitive interruptions (``Reverse gear
Also milling around like a Greek chorus are three traditional puppeteers with no wheels of their own and little idea of where they're headed.
The Greek chorus are excellent value, their comedy underlining the growing ludicrousness of ruler Creon as he tries to impose his despotic law banning Antigone from burying her own treacherous brother.
One delightful touch is the use of singer-songwriter Jonathan Richman as drummer Tommylark in a twisted Greek chorus.
Musker explains that the gospel choir on the songs is Disney's form of the Greek chorus.
Rather like Joel Grey's leering Master of Ceremonies in the Broadway musical ``Cabaret,'' Shue's Jenny functions as a solo Greek chorus, offering saucy asides on the main plot line.
This saga of humiliation is backed up by the Greek chorus of raging women, inspired by social media and shouting figuratively, "#MeToo, #MeToo, #MeToo," while they search for new males to expose (perhaps an inappropriate word, I admit).
The Greek Chorus keeps things light - their routines full of top, panto-style cheese.
The book is written in two styles, ordinary prose and sections that resemble a Greek chorus.
There isn't a weak link in the rest of the cast: Rachel Izen as Brice's mother, along with Zoe Ann Bown and Myra Sands, are like a comical, Jewish version of a Greek chorus and it's clear these ladies are seasoned performers who get to show off their talents in the number Henry Street.
In a de facto Greek chorus, the united voice of the elderly church mothers in the community who have seen it all narrate the proceedings, punctuating events with their wise and wistful insights.
Artists including a Greek chorus line, French mime artists and Dutch drummers gave the event a European flavour, joined by carnival dancers from across the pond.