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the architecture of ancient Greece

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Teacher Michelle Sauer says, "We focused on Greek architecture for this lesson, specifically the Greek columns.
Elliott wanted to connect the hickory tree's species, "carya," to caryatid statues--carvings of draped female figures, used as pillars in classical Greek architecture. Architectural drawings on the gallery walls showed the classical elements of Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, constructed in the early 1930s for the then-College of Home Economics.
Shaping Ceremony: Monumental Steps and Greek Architecture
Like the Greek architecture, Achaemenid architecture had a special harmony and proportion and Achaemenid kings searched for trained and required artists and artisans in their all territory and vast empire in order to finish all great architectural and structural plans and programs that in fact was the manifestation of their power, dominion, and glory.
The wedding venue included traditional Greek architecture, an elegant canopy with bright white curtains, and unobstructed panoramic views of the breathtaking Santorini sunset.
Inspired by Greek architecture, the then Maharaja of Mysore Krishna Rajendra Wadiyar had planned to construct the structure.
Instead of what is sadly too often seen in language textbooks, such as inane, culturally boring 'reality show' situations, Gaetano Cipolla presents the student with real life Sicilian culture, mythology, history, and art through the various ages from Greek architecture to contemporary poets such as Nino Martoglio and dramatists such as Luigi Pirandello.
A century later, the sculptor's instincts would be proven correct and the city would thrive on being a duty-free port and tourist resort, where people would flock to see the town's exceptional 19th Century Italian and Greek architecture.
The place retains the feel of traditional Greek architecture, with whitepainted walls and domed roofs.
For those more interested in Greek architecture, Cyrene is the place to visit.
The suitable backdrop to the games was provided by Sunderland landmarks the Penshaw Monument, The Athenaeum and Monkwearmouth Station, all examples of classical Greek architecture.
The temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu was constructed on a two-tiered base in the centre of a paved courtyard which was enclosed by a columned porch similar to Greek architecture. Though the structure still stands but the details from the statues were probably destroyed during the Muslim invasion.
The magnificent amphitheatre boasts of Greek architecture, picturesque setting near the sea and a capacity to accommodate 400 people." The grand opening to be hosted by Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons will feature Vangelis' original threepart Choral Fantasy, inspired by a message of hope, which has been especially composed for this occasion.
The Belle Meade Plantation, located on the opposite side of the city on Nashville's western edge, is another example of the city's love affair with Greek architecture and has been a longtime resident of the U.S.
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