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The ancient Greeks never called their system of writing the "Greek alphabet" but instead the "Phoenician letters" or the "Cadmean letters," after Cadmus, the Phoenician prince who, according to tradition, conquered Thebes, established a dynasty there, and introduced the Cadmean/Phoenician alphabet.
Each star has a different brightness and they are ranked in order of magnitude using the Greek alphabet, with the brightest star designated Alpha, the next brightest as Beta and so on.
It's a car that provokes curiosity and has a curious name - from the Greek alphabet, just like its bigger cousin the Delta Billed by the firm as a luxury city car, it sells well on the continent as a Lancia but shares much of the technology with the Fiat 500 - which can be no bad thing.
Cyprus is thinking about changing to Greek alphabet number plates in the near future?
For some time I've been bemused by the word UNIX, the name of a computer operating system, because it can be spelled out from the names of two letters of the Greek alphabet, XI and NU.
Centaurus is one of a handful of constellations that have the entire Greek alphabet assigned to stars, but in this case there's a twist.
THE common abbreviation for Christmas to Xmas is derived from the Greek alphabet. X is letter Chi, which is the first letter of Christ's name in the Greek alphabet.
By excluding words already embedded in the Greek alphabet sequence he strongly stacked the deck in favour of the more folded arrays, since they would have fewer original sequence words not to count.
Starting from the very basic reference of the Greek alphabet, it compiles important equations and scores of tables that list physical attributes, atmospheric compositions, and characteristics of minerals and chemical reactions.
What are the two oldest forms of script or syllabry in the ancient Aegean world called that predate the Greek alphabet? 30.
Seven lists follow: cardinal numbers, chemical elements, colors, letters of the Greek alphabet, US statenames, days of the week, and planets of the solar system.
And although you wouldn't guess from the name, the Chrysler Ypsilon (Y in the Greek alphabet) is a bit like that successful fusion - pure-bred American diluted with a lot of Italian style.
A constellation's most brilliant star is often called Alpha, the first letter in the Greek alphabet. The letters are used with the Latin genitive form of the constellation name, so that the Alpha star of Centaurus is called Alpha Centauri.
He devised a star-designation system based on the Greek alphabet and the classical Greek constellations.
The club's name can actually be spelt in either way and is still spelt with a K in the Greek alphabet, the spelling which still appears on the official club badge.