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the collection of books of the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, the Pauline and other epistles, and Revelation

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Recalling Erasmus' commendation of the erudition of Cuthbert Tunstall, Tyndale approached the Bishop of London, who had assisted the Dutch scholar in producing the Latin translation of his Greek New Testament. Tyndale made his overture in the bookish manner of the learned humanist who had converted the master and mistress of Little Sodbury with a manuscript translation.
Most scholars who turn to a recently printed Greek New Testament use [Nestle-Aland.sup.27].
He published works of classical authors and in 1521 produced an edition of the Greek New Testament which was a straightforward imitation of Erasmus, with whom he was in correspondence.
the autographs!) or phenomenal alterations of method, it is virtually inconceivable that the physiognomy of our printed Greek New Testament is ever going to change significantly' (p.
Their topics include digital philology between Alexander and Babel, taking a fresh start on categories of ancient Christian texts and writing materials, digital editing and the Greek New Testament, the "Thesaurus Gregorianus," an Internet database of Gregorian office antiphons, new technology for imaging unreadable manuscripts and other artifacts: integrated spectral reflectance transformation imaging, and digital resources of the Rabbinic literature: radical change with a click of the mouse.
Although there is no direct quotation of the Wisdom of Solomon in the New Testament, the Nestle-Aland edition of the Greek New Testament lists over 100 possible allusions to it.
Imagine the consternation that would be caused by a new edition of the Greek New Testament which abandoned the verse divisions introduced into the text by Estienne in 1551 and reverted instead to the sections of Eusebius.
With a translation of an oration of Isocrates to demonstrate his ability, he sought the support of Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall for the work of rendering the Greek New Testament into English.
Structural Lexicology and the Greek New Testament: Applying Corpus Linguistics for Word Sense Possibility Delimitation Using Collocational Indicators
It is designed primarily for classroom study, but he includes tools for people who sincerely wished to learn to read a Greek New Testament intelligently but do not have access to a class.
This takes the form of a series of vignettes of the progress of theory and practice from the first editors of printed editions of the New Testament to the epoch of Nestle-Aland 27 and the Greek New Testament 4.
Mark Pettison, for example, commented that his Greek New Testament ".
In sections on modeling language, modeling the languages of the Hebrew Bible, and modeling the language of the Greek New Testament, they consider such topics as relative temporal ordering: discourse temporality in the Greek of the New Testament, Yahweh as shepherd-king in Ezekiel 34: a linguistic-literary analysis of metaphors of shepherding, Jesus before Pilate: a discourse analysis of John 18:33-38, and meaning in bulk: the Greek clause complex and 1 Peter 1:3-12.
Scribal habits in early Greek New Testament Papyri.
The latest edition of the definitive register of Greek New Testament manuscripts(1) lists about 5000 manuscripts divided into the conventional, although somewhat arbitrary, categories of papyri, uncials, cursives, and lectionaries.