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of or pertaining to or characteristic of the ancient Greek and Roman cultures

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Those who circumcised their sons and rejected nudity in gymnasia/baths had to construct an identity visibly separate from "civilized" Greco-Roman culture and its symbols.
In its broadest sense, therefore, Western Civilization is formed by two related and intertwined historical commonalities: Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman culture.
Greco-Roman culture demonstrably did practice literary mimesis.
Loewenberg's case for Jewish roots of modern social welfare rests in large part on a characterization of Greco-Roman culture as indifferent if not inimical to the poor, a characterization that Loewenberg could have more adequately substantiated by reference to the work of historians in that area.
Dale Martin gives a perspective on Galen's treatise as well as on the efficiency of the system of masculinity in Ancient Greece based on an exploration of menstruating men in Greco-Roman culture.
Routledge has also brought out a paperback edition of Women and Slaves in Greco-Roman Culture ([pound sterling]15.
That wave of two thousand years bringing echoes, loneliness, and even the fabulous body of a Nereid was interpreted by Juan Ramon Jimenez and Cintio Vitier as a symbol of the Greco-Roman culture whose impact in Cuban literature has been so decisive.
FOR JEWS, THE STRUGGLE to maintain identity amidst the forces of Greco-Roman culture was largely one internal to the Jewish community.
He believed that just as the Christian religion, when it spread beyond the confines of Palestine and came face to face with the Greco-Roman culture, gave birth to theologians who established a synthesis between Greek thought and the Christian faith, there was a need in India for a fresh synthesis between the non-dualist form of Indian philosophical and religious thought and Catholic thought.
Accommodation however is bi-polar; one extreme is the submersion of Jewish cultural uniqueness, the other, `antagonism' to Greco-Roman culture.
For example, his discussion of John Boswell's thesis that homosexuality was accepted in Greco-Roman culture seems an implicit attempt to correct Chief Justice Burger's assertion (in his concurrence in Bowers) that "millennia of moral teaching" proscribed homosexual sodomy--even though Boswell's book Christianity, Social Tolerance & Homosexuality had been released and widely discussed six years earlier.
But Egypt interposes - you can't get into the central and western European section, or to Greco-Roman culture, from Africa without going through Egypt.
Stoicism was the regnant philosophy of the Greco-Roman culture at the time of the NT's compilation.
The presentation of such models is a pervasive feature of Greco-Roman virtue ethics, and this provides Novick an opportunity to compare the ethical traits the rabbis emphasized with those that were valorized in the larger Greco-Roman culture that surrounded them.
Greco-Roman culture and the New Testament; studies commemorating the centennial of the Pontifical Biblical Institute.