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Synonyms for revolution

Synonyms for revolution

circular movement around a point or about an axis

organized opposition intended to change or overthrow existing authority

a momentous or sweeping change

Synonyms for revolution

a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving

the overthrow of a government by those who are governed

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Therefore, it is incumbent on us not pass the anniversary of this great revolution without relive those memories learn more lessons, take advantage of them in the present and the future of our days.
By Matovu Muhammad Idris A great revolution does not crumble, likewise a strong tyrannical dictatorial regime can never hurtle without the cause having not emerged from within, before it can emerge from without.
They saluted the souls of leaders of the Syrian Great Revolution against the French occupation, on top Sultan Basha al-Atrash and his colleagues Yousef al-Azmeh, Sheikh Saleh al-Ali and Hassan al-Kharat.
For its part, Syria has known a glorious and great revolution.
Nonetheless, it is unacceptable after a great revolution such as that of Egypt to deal with them by allowing a siege of the media city or some private newspapers by some extremists terrorising the workers these places.
Varghese Kurien are a great example of how small initiatives can bring about a great revolution in the whole nation.
Deniz confirmed that the PKK got mss support particularly in bigger cities with Kurdish majority, waiting for "the Great Revolution of the Masses", as he described it.
Travel agents and tourists from all over the world should encourage Egyptian economy after our great revolution but what's happening now is that I see them punishing us by not visiting us, any way tourists will guarantee an excellent service now, when they just pay at the last minute as if they are not satisfied, they are not requested to pay.
We can safely say that the change that happened in Makkah and Europe took place in the absence of foreign ideological and political influences and foreign pressures, while the Arab Spring took place with a different regional and international setup due to the great revolution in communications and information technology.
The time has come to start a comprehensive political process to achieve the goals of the revolution," he said, adding that he wanted to rescue the great revolution that has been derailed and is almost stillborn.
Ahmed al-Sahati, a media co-ordinator at the justice ministry, said: "This is a great revolution and we have to prove its greatness by showing solidarity, preserving our national unity and being up to the expectations of other peoples who considered it to be one of the most wonderful and greatest revolutions against oppression and injustice, and also as an example to be followed.
It said the army would therefore avoid locations of planned protests and would "rely on the youth of the great revolution to handle organization and security".
Sheikh Mahmoud congratulated Egyptians on their great revolution , wishing them success and that Egypt will regain its leading role in the region.
NNA - Lebanese Forces bloc member, Deputy Antoine Zahra, said in an intervention with the Future News TV station on Thursday that March 14' s great revolution aimed at ending the external interference in Lebanon' s affairs, putting terms to political assassinations and building state' s institutions.
In accordance with these ideals and the spirit of Tunisia's people great Revolution, the Religious Affairs Ministry reaffirms commitment to the principle of coexistence between races and nationalities and freedom of worship as regards belief and practice.