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A Case Study of English Language Teaching in Masvingo Urban and Peri-urban Secondary Schools." Paper presented at Great Zimbabwe University seminar on 30 September 2010.
of Edinburgh) discusses his interviews with members of several communities in the context of clan disputes over, and colonial "silencing" of, local accounts of the Great Zimbabwe National Monument archeological site.
A Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE) and Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) in 2014 had two objectives namely to provide adequate and properly qualified teachers for all the officially recognised languages of Zimbabwe, and second, to create conditions necessary for the development of all the officially recognised languages of Zimbabwe.
An unforgetable experience has to be of the site of Great Zimbabwe, the ruined city of the Shona civilisation.
This was Great Zimbabwe, which dates from about 1250-1500 AD.
Sibanda, Ethelia (Ms), Mobile (+263) 0772912425 & (+263) 0773723250, E-Mail Ethianda@Yahoo.Com, Ndebele, Great Zimbabwe University, Department Of Curriculum Studies, Box 1235, Masvingo, Zimbabwe, Africa
May gazing upon Egypt's Pyramid of Giza, Timbuktu's ancient manuscripts and libraries, and Great Zimbabwe's stonewalls fortify you in the knowledge of your past so that you are prepared to meet the challenges of the present and future.
Department of African Languages and Literature Great Zimbabwe University
Another example in this regard is when the Great Zimbabwe ruins were first brought to the attention of the Western world in the 19th century.
The AHT design is of an ordinary airport terminal with a control tower contrived to look like the 15th century stone conical tower at Great Zimbabwe. "An over-scaled and ill considered control tower," is how some transport officials described it, with "severe functional defects in planning and layout."
Interviews with the teachers indicated that their schools regularly visit cultural heritage sites such as the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and the National Museum of Zimbabwe.
There is need to study the language of dress among the Dzimbabwe people since it is linked to the history of the Great Zimbabwe National Monuments.