magnum opus

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Synonyms for magnum opus

an outstanding and ingenious work

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a great work of art or literature

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Summary: Firozpur (Punjab) [India], Oct 17 (ANI): Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday praised the Border Security Force (BSF) jawans and said the security force has emerged as 'first wall of security' after years of great work.
Great work by Fred Stewart, and great work writing this up.
How are people manifesting their commitment to their own great work amid these global ecological threats, as well as cultural breakdowns, increased corporate economic hegemony, political paralysis, and the rise of intolerance and acts of violence?
A: Well, firstly it was very important for me when I made the choice to come here to carry on some of the great work of the predecessors before me.
And Great Work is much more than another 13 AI management guru spouting platitudes.
And the only way to do great work is to love what you do'.
This isn't new, but the really great work defined its elfby finding surprising and sophisticated ways to talk about age-old products and benefits.
The Brussels-based International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has announced that the government of Bahrain has done a great work in rehabilitating the workers dismissed following the unrest of 2011 and ensuring their labour rights within the law.
The Nunthorpe midfield of Owen Baker, Harry Ord and Jay Stephens soon took control of the game and there was also some great work from the Nunthorpe striker Jack Carlsson.
AGIP's Executive Director Mr Charles Sha'ban said, "We are most proud to have been selected as one of MIP's 10 leading firms because it showcases our consistent commitment towards our clients and employees and our keenness to create the great work environment that makes us pioneers.
Since the inception of this event, the real estate community has adopted Fountain Gallery and tonight our community, once again, has shown its generosity in advancing the great work Fountain Gallery is performing for the benefit of so many suffering with mental illness.
Keep up the great work in keeping us readers well informed of the issues that matter.
We'd like to hear more from other nonprofits and all the great work they're doing
com, he says, because "there are a lot of people out there doing great work that you wouldn't hear about otherwise.
For information concerning some of the great work that high schoolers are doing, read about the winners of our two $5,000 college scholarships (page 24).