Great Wall

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a fortification 1,500 miles long built across northern China in the 3rd century BC

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With this idea in view I circled the great wall, keeping within the fringe of the forest, which is cut away for a short distance from the wall all about the city, that no enemy may utilize the trees as a means of ingress.
After leaving behind him the civic Tournelle* and the criminal tower, and skirted the great walls of the king's garden, on that unpaved strand where the mud reached to his ankles, he reached the western point of the city, and considered for some time the islet of the Passeur-aux-Vaches, which has disappeared beneath the bronze horse of the Pont Neuf.
All these great walls are as exact and shapely as the flimsy things we build of bricks in these days.
More than once the trail fairly hung on the edge of some almost bottomless gorge, and again it wound its way between great walls of rock, so poised that they appeared about to topple over and crush the travelers.
The legions wait A hundred li beyond the western gate; The great walls loom behind them wrapt in cloud.
Then he saw above him the face of Oona, and felt about him the arms of Oona; and for a moment the sun steadied and stood still, and the great walls were upright and moved not.
Al Rumaila Motors, a Zubair Automotive Group company and the exclusive distributer for Haval and Great Wall in the sultanate, recently announced the launch of its new offers with great discounts and benefits across its line-up.
The ancient Great Wall of Gorgan, near the border with Turkmenistan, is planned to undergo restoration with an eye to get UNESCO World Heritage status, the Tehran Times reported this week.
Reports say Great Wall Motor Company could even launch a mega offer for Jeep's owner Fiat Chrysler.
Great Wall Motor Co Ltd, a China-based automaker, has contacted Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, a company formed by the reorganisation of Fiat and Chrysler, to express interest in purchasing its Jeep brand, Automotive News has reported citing an email from Great Wall president, Wang Fengying.
Beijing: China has installed over 300 high-definition cameras along the iconic Great Wall after growing incidents of vandalism, including by foreigners, who scratch their names or messages onto the masonry of one of the world's seven wonders.
The buzz on The Great Wall has been less excitement and more puzzlement and controversy.
Malaysia's Go Auto Group plans to spend MYR2bn (US$455m) on a plant in Gurun in Malaysia's Kedah state by 2021 with its Chinese partner Great Wall Motors.
The Great Wall of China and the Salton Sea: Monuments, Missteps, and the Audacity of Ambition takes place on a cross-country drive to the Salton Sea, a trip to China's Great Wall, and other journeys, and blends a travelogue with history and philosophical and social musings alike.
Uunder the general title Searching for Peace, The Cinema for Peace Foundation in collaboration with The Cultural Workshop Ayion Aomoloigon and Cynema Xanthis 3, will screen the film The Great Wall tonight.