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Synonyms for tribulation

Synonyms for tribulation

something hard to bear physically or emotionally

a state of pain or anguish that tests one's resiliency and character

Synonyms for tribulation

an annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event

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When the time comes, Leary continued, the Great Tribulation will occur first, followed by the Great.
With topics such as: The Rapture of the Church, The Great Tribulation, and The return of Christ.
Supernatural Technology, Prophetic Events, the Darkness of Evil that Lead to the Great Tribulation
He hopes to clarify, through his book, how Satan works and admonish the coming Great Tribulation and return of Christ.
Avoiding excessively complex metaphysical imaginings, The Last Book of the Bible Revealed at Last answers such questions as "How long is the Great Tribulation really going to last?