Great Salt Lake

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a shallow body of salt water in northwestern Utah

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The Great Salt Lake is still all of those things, but things have changed (p.
Smithson, the land artist most famous for his Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake, died at only 35 in a plane crash.
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Great Salt Lake itself is second only to the Dead Sea in terms of salinity.
As a coalition of environmental groups called Utahns for Better Transportation pointed out, the proposed freeway was to be built over a portion of the Great Salt Lake wetland where millions of birds migrating from the Arctic to South America stop to feed.
When Bringham Young refused to follow him to California, opting instead to build the Mormon kingdom in the harsh Great Salt Lake Valley, Brannan cast off his Mormonism and went his own way in northern California.
When a four-lane, 13-mile road was proposed along the southeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake, Utah activists knew it was futile to lobby Governor Michael Leavitt.
Bordering the Great Salt Lake, Tooele County covers about 7,000 square miles of Great Basin territory in northwest Utah -- a largely desert land that is home to rabbitbrush, sagebrush, and a range of creatures that appreciate wide-open spaces, including rattlers, tarantulas, wild horses, and antelope.
Situated within one mile of the Great Salt Lake, the Jordan River, and their associated shorelines, open water, and marshes, Salt Lake City International Airport (SLCIA) is the major commercial airport for the state of Utah.
Ostensibly their mission was to survey the central Rockies and the Great Salt Lake region.
Skiles is studying another way in which climate change is affecting Utah's snow: thanks to warming temperatures and heavy water usage, the Great Salt Lake is shrinking rapidly.
Utah's Great Salt Lake is the largest water body in the United States after the Great Lakes.
FRIENDS JEFF WARD, Mike Homer and Alan Lloyd are experienced Utah wildfowlers who try to take full advantage of the Great Salt Lake's importance as a pintail staging area.
The temple will hold "Great Salt Lake Yoga Fest" on September 3-5 and an "India Fest" on September 11.
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